Unforgettable 3rd anniversary

Thank you everyone who joined us for our unforgettable 3rd birthday on Saturday!

As part of the celebration, we held our TOP 5 ACTIVITIES, and we also arranged for festive face painting for the youngest.

  • We researched bubbles and wondered why bubbles are usually round.
  • We had the opportunity to try our hand at various engineering challenges in our special Engineering Corner.
  • Together we made the popular Tehnopark slime and ensured that the new school year will be fun and sticky.
  • We have become masters of robotics! We learned the basics of programming the Photon robot and guided it through various tasks.
  • We were excited about a science show called "THIS CRAZY SCIENCE"! It was a real SHOW with a WOW effect!
  • We created beautiful face paintings in the colors of Tehnopark Celje.

We celebrated in grand scientific style!

Thank you to everyone who joined our party, and we hope to see you again soon at the next event in Tehnopark Celje!

Here are some highlights:

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